Last Knights of the Right Side

Golden Lynx — Documentary

Michał Edelman

67' // 06 Oct // 22h00



Although they look almost identical in black balaclavas, they have arrived at extremely right-wing views along very different paths. For six months Michał Edelman documented the activity of the National-Radical Camp brigade from Łódź ranging from propaganda events including an obligatory barbecue through attempts to disrupt the Gay Parade in Radomsko to the culmination on the Independence Day in 2019 when they marched along the streets of Warsaw. Are the nationalists really a group of friends with clear-cut views only?

Poland has been center stage of a political transformation in Europe, the rise of the populist far right, and the movement's personal experiences are a privileged opportunity to truly get to know the motivations and thought processes of one of the biggest threats we face nowadays. Last Knights of the Right Side presents us with a window into this strange world. 



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