Golden Lynx — Fiction
Valdimar Jóhannsson

106' // 09 Oct // 21h30



In rural Iceland, a childless couple discover a strange and unnatural newborn in their sheep barn. They decide to raise her as their own, but sinister forces are determined to return the creature to the wilderness that birthed her. 

Valdimar Jóhannsson enters the stage with a daring and ambitious debut feature that turned the Un Certain Competition in Cannes in July truly upside down. Lamb is a true triumph of contemporary genre filmmaking, utilizing the desolate Icelandic landscape as a character in itself, and transforming it in a silent witness to one of the weirdest and most bizarre events in cinema this year. Noomi Rapace puts in a staggering and haunting performance, in a film that fuses horror, thriller, drama and comedy with extraordinary ease, and the result is an absolutely and unquestionable unforgettable ride. You’ll never be able to look at a Lamb the same way after this experience.   



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