Golden Lynx — Fiction

Anders Ølholm, Frederik Louis Hviid

108' // 07 Oct // 21h30



Police officers, Jens and Mike, are on routine patrol in Svalegården's ghetto when the news of Talib's death at the hands of the Danish police comes in over the radio, igniting uncontrollable rage and a lust for revenge in the ghetto's youth, and the two officers must find a way out.

Police brutality, immigration and social unrest in an ever changing “safe” Scandinavian paradise, are just some of the themes in what is perhaps the most action packed thriller FEST has ever selected in its history. Tension runs high in Enforcement, a film that echoes George Floyd’s murder and the underlying tensions among different ethnic comunities in Europe Today. And through this web of perpetual and imminent danger, Enforcement poses many vital questions towards the concept of policing in the XXIst century. A massive success in last year’s Venice Film Festival, the film has won many awards along its path, including the CinEuropa Award at Les Arcs, and Best Director and Fipresci Award at Thessaloniki. 



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