Short Animation #2

Silver Lynx Competition

09 Oct // 14h30




| Mud Chronicles |

A compilation of short adventures and impressions inspired by the author's everyday life, arranged in the form of a surreal animated diary.


| Blue Fear |

This feminist and uncompromising animated film follows a couple on the roads of Provence. Nils is driving his girlfriend Flora to meet his parents for the first time when they get ambushed. While she’s made prisoner, he flees. During the night in the pinewood, she is forced to face her doubts.


| The Night Shatters My Shadows |

Dogs can be heard barking, the wind that comes from the mountains and the valleys is amplified in the courtyard, and Daniel cannot sleep. Compiled with more than 5000 handmade illustrations, "The Night Shatters My Shadows" aims to be, first and foremost, a diary of trips and dreams; a dive into the subconscious.


| Little Miss Fate |

Little Miss Fate lives in a world driven by fate. When the opportunity arises, she slips into the role of the world's leader. However, unintentionally, she creates a monster, which greedily wants to suck up all the love of the world. Overwhelmed by the situation's rapid development, she loses control.


| From My Desert |

An art investor ventures into a freeport in Geneva to attend a meeting arranged by his art dealer in order to review the terms and conditions of his most recent acquisition. As if in a video game, the computer-generated man moves through labyrinthine aisles until he finally meets the famous portrait of Martin Luther, which, to his surprise, seems to be speaking to him.


| Reduction |

Two girls live together along the post-apocalyptic coast, both sharing the same goal of reaching the other side in hopes of a better life. However, when a mysterious character enters one of their lives, a chain of irreversible events ensues. Relationships fall apart, along with the very world around them.


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