National Grand Prix #1

Portuguese Competition

09 Oct // 16h30




| Musgo |

An ethnographic docufiction, "Moss" explores the cultural and affective expressions of pagan heritage in northern Portugal. In it, a young girl explores the inside of a tree that takes her on a mystical journey to the heart of the Trás-os-Montes region.


| O Voo das Mantas |

It starts as all stories do - with the beginning. A girl tells the story her mother used to tell her as a little girl – the story of manta rays, how they would come out of the sea flying by the hundreds!


| Sobrevoo |

Portugal, 2020. When you're unable to finish what you had envisioned and already started, you film yourself and make a film about that process. At least that's what I did. This is it, my self-portrait.


| Miraflores |

Three kids searching for a story. A group of friends partying. An unusual church, an abandoned pool, and a fallen tree in a roundabout. What is more unwavering about a place: the scenery that surrounds us or the memories carved on its corners?


| Entre as Abelhas e o Pregado |

A tale told through symbols and meanings that form an unveiled story about a knight, a baker, and a child. Told through lines drawn by lights that are projected, reflected, refracted, and distorted, between beams and mirrors, it follows the seasons as they change the place and people.


| Party Tattoos |

Birthdays are all about cake, candles, balloons, celebration with friends and family. But they are also an image production ritual which we archive in the hopes of visiting it again in the future. This film is a short documentary about the reencounter with these images - what they revealed, and, surprisingly, the thoughts they provoked.


| Variations |

"Variations" is an exploration of the trials and tribulations that come with becoming a professional dancer. Set in the San Francisco Ballet School, the film follows young aspiring dancers striving to go pro while coming to terms with their growing pains.


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