Flavours of the World #2

Themed Section

09 Oct // 19h00

Spatium Room



| Vermo |

Alba and Yago will end in a cycle of temporary jumps as a result of their desperate search for their first child.


| Marleni, not Marlen |

Marleni despises her work as a live-in carer for Mr. Ramoon. Her life is turned upside down when she receives a message from an unknown number and chooses to create a false identity to have an escape.


| Tara and the Blue |

Tara is a 20 years old girl who lives in a coastal village and works in her father's fishing boat. Her days are a constant repetition between work and partying with her friends. One day they catch an unexpected package in the fishing net she decides to use the it as her ticket to start a new life.


| Her and I |

Queralt, a painter from Barcelona, tries to talk to her daughter Gemma on the phone. Gemma is starting a new life in Athens, in a studio where she paints and lives. Her and I is a film featuring the paintings of Roser Agell and Paulina Muxart.


| See You Soon |

Mireia needs to see her grandmother for the last time but neither her parents nor the society allow her to do so.


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