Echoes #2

Themed Section

09 Oct // 15h30

Spatium Room



| The Last Bee |

Wandering in the mountains, a lost teenage girl meets a beekeeper who has come to say goodbye to her bees.


| Stephanie |

After winning her first international title, an 11-year-old gymnast experiences both new pressures and a new degree of self-awareness. The more recognition she gets, the more she realizes that the game has only begun.


| Lips & Tips |

Melanie, a hard-working stewardess, arrives at the airport late at night. The only thing she wants now is to go home and get some sleep. But someone’s watching her. When she makes it to the parking garage, someone’s talking to her, saying sinister things. Melanie manages to go home, but someone follows her there too.


| Eggshells |

It's Easter day and Nevena's girlfriend has just picked her family over her. So Nevena dyes two red eggs and sets on a journey to go meet her own estranged father.


| The First Few Moments of the First of January |

A film is being projected in a bedroom where a woman sleeps. The character of the film speaks of the future of humanity and his words penetrate the woman's head invading her subconsciousness.


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