Golden Lynx — Fiction

P.S. Vinothraj

08 Oct // 22h00



Ganapathy, an alcoholic wife-beater, drags out his young son Velu from school and embarks on a journey to fetch back his wife whom he had chased away. On reaching the in-laws house, he learns that his wife has already left to return to their home. In his frustration, he gets involved in a brawl with his in-laws earning the further disapproval of his son. The young boy dispels his frustration by tearing up the bus fare into bits. This leaves the duo with no choice but to walk on foot in the scorching summer beaten rural landscapes to reach home. Their feelings are intertwined with the land, where the blazing heat fires up the father’s rage. The land and human emotions lay brazenly palpable in the scorching heat. 

Pebbles started the year by winning the coveted Tiger Award at Rotterdam Film Festival. It would go on to also win Best Film at TIFF, as it delighted and surprised  audiences across the planet, with its stylish blend of social drama and sensorial experience, and a stunning cinematography work that transports you into a desolate and unforgiving landscape.  P.S. Vinothraj’s debut feature is truly one of a kind, the type of film that pops up every few years to expand our horizons in great revolutionary fashion. And perhaps most importantly, Pebbles is bound to force you to think of New Indian cinema like you never thought of it before.   



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