Short Fiction #3

Silver Lynx Competition

07 Oct // 16h30




| Dummy |

Using a faceless doll, a criminal reenacts the entirety of his brutal crime. Surprisingly he is not the one being judged.


| Harmonia |

As Philine tries to earn a spot in the most prestigious boat of her university rowing club, a mysterious voice invades the campus. Its goal is to find unity and connection in a world trapped in isolation, where everyone is too busy pursuing their own individual goals.


| Nesting |

Nesting follows Veikka, a twenty-year-old boy about to quit his job at a construction site to start a new life in the big city. Veikka expects the goodbyes to go smoothly, but then something strange happens: they find a baby in the crane.


| Eja Okay |

The young influencer Eja Okay has hundreds of thousands of followers but that's not enough. When she figures the road to fame is filled with obstacles, she starts telling a series of lies in an attempt to move along faster.


| Zonder Meer |

A campsite in the summer holidays, aimless days spent in the shade of the trees. Sunlight glitters on the lake, but nobody is allowed to swim there. A boy has gone missing. He may have drowned. Five-year-old Lucie is trying to understand what is going on around her. How long can you hold your breath?


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