FESTinha | Sub 16

Juvenile Competition

07 Oct // 14h00

Spatium Room



| Absent |

Absent comes to show how period poverty in the UK is preventing girls from going to school and also to break the stigma arround periods, by talking freely about it. Based on multiple true stories that were merged together into one film. Libby Burke Wilde hopes this movie moves people to action.


| Dọlápọ̀ Is Fine |

A young black girl's journey on discovering who she really is and how her relationship with her hair and her name help with that identity search.


| Whistle |

Tevfik is refereeing an amateur league match and freezes when he has to make a decision. The game is postponed because of his inability to decide and he feels a deep sense of guilt.


| Arabic Friday |

Naomi and Marwan are an Israeli (her) and Palestinian (him) couple that communicate in Hebrew. They enter into a deep state of miscommunication when they decide to speak only Arabic on Fridays


| WAO |

Three aliens go up to WAO to tell him he has to return to his home planet but before he leaves WAO wants to repair his parents' relationship and so he tries to reconnect them with the help of his new friends.


| Under the Skin |


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