FESTinha | Sub 10 #2

Juvenile Competition

07 Oct // 10h00




| Treasure |

Two explorers in search of a forgotten treasure disturb the romance between an octopus and his beloved.


| The Hand and the Egg |

A cheerful little girl goes on a journey with a tiny bird to help find its missing egg. The culprit? A mysterious long hand that reaches everything and has been stealing every bird’s eggs.


| The Other Me |

Arthur, a junior employee in an authoritarian company, has forever been in conflict with his shadow. Up until the day their confrontation led them towards an unknown world.


| Hope (Taiwan) |

A monster wants his doll to come to life and become his friend. When one night he finds lanterns floating in the sky decorated with people’s wishes, he tries his own luck. However, things might not be as easy as he would expect. And maybe what he wants isn’t what he needs.


| Hope (Qatar) |

Aqua is a new-born sea turtle. From human pollution to dangerous predators, Aqua’s journey to the safety of the sea is full of difficult obstacles. And just when he’s about to reach the sea, he sees something that will change his life forever.


| Master Painter Ranksy |

Ranksy, a street art rat, noticed several pigeons were having the wildest rooftop party ever. She wants to join them, and although the roof appears to be too far away, she's not giving up! She is bursting at the seams with new attempt ideas.


| Chasing Stars |

A young girl's journey in the Arctic searching for a place she can call home. With the help of her special friend, a Beluga whale, she is trying to find her own place in the world.


| Viking's Gold |


| Vizinhanças |

An ivy has grown up to the inside of our little frog's home and although he didn't like the idea at first, they now live together. The ivy begins to wilt because the soil water has been contaminated by a sewage pipe from a factory, and now they will solve the problem.


| The Ducks |

Mari Carmen begins her first day of work in the International Sales Department of a company and a duck appears on the balcony and now her day is upside down. This day didn't go according to plan at all!


| I Am a Pebble |

Bubble, a young otter, lives with three mossy stones and she sees them as otters and as family. Once she recognizes their true nature she has to face her loneliness.


| Nada se Perde |

Emilia's special rose dies and now she has to deal with loss and figure out how to get through it.


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