Pedro Marques

Film Industry Role: Editor

Nationality: Portuguese

Major Works: "Lisboetas", "Juventude em Marcha", "A Nossa Forma de Vida".

Major Awards: Special Mention of the Jury of Joris Ivens Prize on Cinéma du Réel, Extra Muros Prize at Pravo Ljudski Festival in Saravejo; Best first picture in DocLisboa

Pedro Filipe Marques is a portuguese director, with a bachelor degree in Directing in Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema de Lisboa. He works in cinema since 1999 and helped to create “Lisboetas”, by Sergio Trefaut, “Juventudo em Marcha”, by Pedro Costa. His documentary “A Nossa Forma de Vida” was considered in 2011 the best first picture in DocLisboa. In 2012 he received a special mention from the jury of Joris Ivens Prize on Cinéma du Réel and the Extra Muros Prize, destined to beginners, at Pravo Ljudski Festival in Saravejo.