Larry Smith

Film Industry Role: Cinematographer
Nationality: British
Major Works: Eyes Wide Shut (1999), Only God Forgives (2015)

Larry Smith first entered the movie business aged 20, at Shepperton studios outside London, circa 1969. He realised early on that studio life was not for him, the pace and amount of people working in a major studio felt like a factory.

Larry moved into the freelance world, that coincided with the closure of the MGM studios, which meant more crew were now freelance, also it was the begging of the end for major studios keeping their own workforce. Advertising was in its infancy, as were independent movies, but there seemed to be enough work around to keep all of these various departments employed.

Around the 1970's he was fortunate to meet Stanley Kubrick when asked to work on “Barry Lyndon” (1975), this started a long collaboration with Kubrick that was to last over a quarter of a century, until his premature death. He was very honoured to have been asked to be the cinematographer on his last movie “Eyes Wide Shut” (1999).

Since then, Larry has made many varied and interesting films, including a movie that he directed himself, “Trafficker” (2015), and has had some collaborations in TV series.