Guillermo Garcia Ramos

Film Industry Role: Director/Scriptwriter

Nationality: Spanish

Major Works: “Tukki. The enviromental footprint” (2010), “Maquis” (2014), “From Kuleshov to Berlanga” (2004)

Major Awards/Nominations: Best Documentary at Pamplona’s Film Festival 2010

After studying Law, Guillermo Garcia Ramos would go on to follow his dream of becoming a filmmaker. He studies at the New York Film Academy and began producing a series of short films that caught the attention of many. Films such as “Doctor from hell” (1997), “Final film” (1998) and “The extra” (2000) provided a first glimpse to Ramos’ multi-talented skills. He would go on to experiment with other formats, such as animation in “This Demon’s Room” (2001).

After unleashing “From Kuleshov to Berlanga” (2004) he released his feature debut “Nowhere” (2004). After this initial success he began working directly for television, producing a string of films, with an emphasis on documentary film-making, for major TV networks such as TVE (Spanish public Network), MULTICANAL and New Atlantis. He also began working directly for a number of NGO’s, producing awareness films covering a long string of subjects close to his social and environmental conscious. In 2010 he produced and directed “Tukki. The environmental footprint” (2010) which provided him with a prestigious award at Pamplona Film Festival. Since then he has been working at different levels and exploring different new technology formats.