Filmmakers Corner

The Filmmakers Corner is a great opportunity for promising up and coming filmmakers to expose their work to an audience of choice in this special screening space. The space will be open throughout the event and can be booked by any participant. Over the past editions of the festival this has proved to be a successful initiatives. With each new edition we are hoping to increase the role it has in the programme, exploring its potential as a mechanism for young filmmakers to distribute their work.


Where will it be held?

The Filmmakers’ Corner is hosted in the Centro Multimeios de Espinho, as a part of Training Ground.


How can I show my films there?

In order to book the space to show your film(s) you must be a registered participant on Training Ground. When you arrive at the event you can choose a time slot to use the projection room for the screening of your film.


Who can attend?

All entries are free, and you can choose who will attend, you can do a private screening for someone you met at the event, or you can do a public screening and invite as many people as you want.


How interesting is it for a filmmaker?

Training Ground is predicted to have more than 500 participants from all over the world in 2016, all of them involved, directly and indirectly, in the film business. Furthermore you will have more that 40 international top experts, all in the same place, so it is an extraordinary opportunity for networking and getting yourself out there. On top of that, the event is expected to attract a general audience of around 21.000 people in 2016.


How can I promote my screening while in Espinho?

From leaflets to encouraging word of mouth or displaying posters, there are many things you can do to promote your screenings. Just be inventive and get your screening noticed!