FESTival Village

FEST's FESTival Village is a space where the festival mingles with the city. With free admission, it has a program for all ages, always with the cinema as its center-piece and with one of the most beautiful beaches of the Portuguese Green Coast as background.

Opening is set for the 21st at 3 p.m., and the remaining days will run from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m., it will have some news like:

  • 1st Film Book Fair;
  • Outdoor Cinema;
  • Workshops e Activities,
  • Workshops FESTinha;
  • Food and Beverages Area;

FESTival Village Activities

1st Film Book Fair - June 21 to 30, Espinho

FEST presents the 1st Film Book Fair, taking place in Espinho, in the FESTival Village next to the stairs that lead to the Baía beach.

Here you can find a wide range of books and other articles related to the cinema industry. It will be an opportunity to discover classics like "The Movies of My Life" by François Truffaut or more recent works such as "Persepolis" by Marjane Satrapi.

In this first edition, the bookstores Dina Livros / Textigrafia, ABC Espinho, Porto Editora, Bertrand, and a FEST stand will be present. In a book purchase, we offer a ticket to a FEST film session.

We have some very special moments among them book presentations by Nancy Bishop, Mário Augusto, and Miguel Gonçalves Mendes, as well as a Question and Answer session with Marjane Satrapi.

Program 1st Film Book Fair

June 26 at 6pm | Presentation of a book by Miguel Gonçalves Mendes

June 28 at 6pm | Presentation of the book "Janela Indiscreta" by Mário Augusto

June 29 at 6pm | Presentation of "Auditioning for Film and Television Secrets from a Casting Director" by Nancy Bishop.


Outdoor Cinema Sessions

Outdoor cinema sessions, next to the most beautiful beach in the north of the country, from June 25th to 30th at 9:30 p.m. The sessions will take place next to the large tent, near the entrance porch.

Program outdoor cinema sessions

25 June | The Hunt (2012) | Thomas Vinterberg - Flavors of the World Denmark

26 June | You must be joking | Short Film Selection - Be Kind Rewind # 03

27 June | Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution (2017) | Jamie Redford - American Film Showcase

28 June | A Royal Affair (2012) | Nikolaj Arcel - Flavors of the World Denmark

29 June | Curt.as.Fitas | Showcase Highschools of Espinho.

30 June | Doc Tales | Short Film Selection - Be Kind Rewind # 07


FESTinha Workshops

FESTinha is a bet of FEST in the formation of the youngest to Films and, as so, it will present specific activities for the Jury FESTinha members.

The little jurys will attend a series of film sessions, followed by meetings so they can further discuss the films they have seen. The movie sessions will take place at the Casino de Espinho anf the reunions will happen at FESTival Village.

Program FESTinha Workshops


25 June: Session at 10h30 a.m. and Meeting at 11h45 a.m.

26 June: Session at 10h30 a.m. and Meeting at 11h45 a.m.

27 June: Session at 10h30 a.m. and Meeting at 11h45 a.m.

28 June: Session at 10h30 a.m. and Meeting at 11h45 a.m.



28 June: Session at 2h30 p.m. and Meeting at 3h45 p.m.

29 June: Session at 10h30 a.m. and Meeting at 11h45 a.m.



28 June: Session at 4h30 p.m. and Meeting at 6h00 p.m.

29 June: Session at 3h00 p.m. and Meeting at 4h45 p.m.

30 June: Session at 2h00 p.m. and Meeting at 3h00 p.m.


Additionally, FESTinha will present other activities, such as the Female Lynx Club, where the youngsters will be able to spend some time with the festival's mascot, cut our masks with its face and paint them. Other initiatives thought out for the younger audiences include virtual reality 360º glasses, with 5-minute films and the 'Cinema fora da Caixa' that will challenge the children to build their own movie cameras from recycled materials.


Warm-up - 21st and 22nd June

The festival's warm-up kicks off with the opening of FESTival Village, on the 21st. To open up the appetite regarding the films that you will be able to see during FEST, on the preceding Friday and Saturday, 21st and 22nd, at 9:30 pm, you can count on the exhibition of 2 very special feature films. 

 Warm-up program

21 JuneRelatos Selvagens - Damián Szifron

22 JuneFloresta das Almas Perdidas - José Pedro Lopes



The place inside FESTival Village that will be dedicated to workshops will present a spot assigned to Models Lab. The ‘Torna-me uma estrela’ will contain some practices of castings simulation, with the recording of the same and, on 22 and 29 June in the afternoon, you will have the opportunity to observe how to portray wounds.



21 June | 15.00 - 22.00

22 June10.00 - 18.00

23 June10.00 - 15.00

24 June18.00- 22.00

25 June15.00 - 22.00

26 June |15.00 - 22.00

27 June15.00 - 22.00

28 June | 15.00 - 22.00

29 June10.00 - 18.00


On the 28th of June from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m., we also have a workshop about storyboards with Beatriz Bagulho and, that same day, in the afternoon, a workshop concerning animation will take place.

On the 29th of June from 2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., the FESTival Village has a props workshop with Sofy Cosplay.


Food Court

So you are short of nothing, the FESTival Village Food Cpurt will be behind the outdoor cinema section. The food served will be o the basis of daily menus, with a strong bet on cooling beverages, like smoothies of natural juices. All food will have cinema as the theme, so grab this opportunity to try one of Pulp Fiction's famous milkshakes.


FEST is turning 15 but it is you that are entitled to the gifts. We are counting on you at FESTival Village, from the 21st of June to July 1st, for 10 days of a lot of fun and shared knowledge. Come and celebrate with us.