Industry Meetings

FEST’s Industry Meetings provide an unparalleled platform for one-on-one meetings between attending industry professionals: filmmakers, producers, financiers, distributors, representatives of film institutions, guest speakers, and more.

Such a platform enables a productive conversation where seeds for true collaborations are planted, whether it be seeking advice, discussing specific projects or ideas, or cultivating long-lasting mentorship and partnerships.

Each year a growing number of festival guests and participants takes advantage of this valuable opportunity. Last year alone, among professionals available for private meetings were: Roman Coppola (producer, director, scriptwriter), David Seidler (scriptwriter), Stephan Elliot (director), Gareth Willey (producer), Tim Corrie (talent agent), Nancy Bishop (casting director), Martin Poultney (distribution/post-production) and others.



The Industry Meetings take place throughout the week of the festival according to the availability of participating guests. Only FEST - Pro badge holders can submit meeting requests. → get your FEST - Pro Badge here