Directors Hub

FEST is excited to introduce the Director’s Hub - a new platform to further expand networking opportunities and create a meaningful exchange of knowledge. 

It’s a tailored activity for filmmakers and other industry professionals available only with FEST Pro badge, tackling a scope of issues concerning film directing through a series of debates, roundtable discussions and case studies focused on the director’s role, tasks, relationships, expectations, obstacles and challenges they have to face, both locally and internationally.

Throughout two days, the Hub will host eight interactive sessions with 20 speakers discussing their own experiences on defining topics and debating them with peers and attendees. 

This year's edition will have two case studies on two very different films and filmmakers, coming from equally distinct backgrounds; a look into contemporary issues that influence filmmaking, by analysing the challenges filmmakers face with an evergrowing digital society and a shifting industry, and what they should consider when building a career in Film; an overview of recurring themes for every new production with sessions dedicated to the search for the right script; the difficulties of International Co-Productions for directors and how they can take the most out of the relationship with their assistant director; and finally a discussion about the “Portuguese New Wave” that has been revolutionizing the Portuguese film scene.



The Directors' Hub program will take place on June 26th and 27th.



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Access is limited to the FEST - Pro accreditation holders. 

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