Directors Hub

Following 15 years of providing a fertile ground for many successful and ongoing collaborations, FEST is excited to introduce the Directors' Hub - a new platform to further expand the opportunities available for participating filmmakers.

The Directors' Hub will target a scope of issues concerning film directing through a series of debates, roundtable discussions and case studies focused on the directors’ role, tasks, relationships, expectations, obstacles and challenges they have to face, locally and internationally.

The Directors' Hub will serve as a home for film industry professionals to connect, exchange knowledge, introduce new projects and cultivate meaningful partnerships in a constructive environment.

Despite being built around the specific topics related to film directing, the Hub will be accessible to filmmakers representing other disciplines and can benefit all film professionals



The Directors' Hub program will take place on June 26th and 27th. Access is limited to the FEST - Pro accreditation holders. → get your FEST - Pro Badge here