Awards 2018

Pitching Forum Awards

Each of the 3 sessions will have immediate awards at Pitching Forum. The most valued projects will have the opportunity to be tutored and helped in their development by one of the experts, who will support the project to get to a new level. The list of awards is the following:


1st Place – 3 months tutoring and project development by an Expert.

2nd Place – A weekend training at a FEST Film Lab Workshop of the winners’ choosing.

Post Production Award - Post-production services with one of our partners:


Goldcrest Films Award for Best Short Film

FEST also has a prize for the best project in the short films section. This project will receive full picture and sound editing for the film, offered by Goldcrest. The Goldcrest is a leader in audio post-production and image, and has financing and distribution services. Some of its award-winning productions are "Les Misérables" which won the Oscar in the best sound installation category and a BAFTA award for sound installation, "Skyfall", which allowed the Goldcrest win the Motion Picture Sound Editors for best sound editing: sound effects and foley, "Hollow Crown: Richard II" winner of the BAFTA award for best sound assembly and the award for best Design of Music and sound Awards sound. The producer and distribute also collaborated on projects such as "Star Wars", "Harry Potter", "Mamma Mia!", "Sherlock Holmes", "Carol" and "The Danish Girl".


Envy Post Production Award for Best Documentary

ENVY distinguishes the best project in the category of documentary. The winner of this award will receive four days of color grading or sound mixing in the studios of ENVY. With several locations in London, ENVY is proud to be available to customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, having the best equipment when it comes to color grading and sound editing and image. ENVY has been awarded with the Broadcast Award for Best Post-Production Company five times.


Halo Post Production Award for

The best project in the fiction category receives an award from Halo - 4 days of grading color or 4 days of sound assembly (the choice of the winner) in the Halo's facilities in London. Based in Soho, London, HALO is one of the most prestigious post-production companies. His works include the winners of Oscars Les Miserables and The Danish Girl. With Europe's post-production by one of the most important post-production companies is a fantastic opportunity for any project, once it gains a great reputation.


If your project does not receive the immediate prizes and is not selected by one of the present experts to be developed \ oriented \ funded \ produced still be earning something extremely valuable: the feedback from some of the most experienced people in the industry film, which will be given immediately after the pitch and in person at the end of the session. The value of this feedback is immeasurable, there are many people who pay to have this kind of attention given to their projects. This feedback can help make your project better and will accompany you for a long time.