'> Eini grows up isolated from society in the woods together with her controlling and abusive father. Stories about her granny and Eini's invincible fantasy enables her to create a world within, from which she can draw her strength to survive.

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Granny's Dancing on the Table
Golden Lynx Competition | Fiction Feature

Granny’s Dancing on The Table” tells us the story of Eini, a young girl that grew up in the woods, isolated from society, together with her controlling and abusive father. Such an existence becomes bareble due to the stories about her granny and Eini's invincible fantasy, which enables her to create a world within from which she can draw her strength to survive.

Swedish up-and-coming director Hanna Sköld’s second feature film is one of the year's must see for a myriad of reasons, beginning in the actual narrative process. Her mix of live action and stop-motion animation allows for an interesting and innovative unexpected game, where most of the physical violence is brought to us in the animation format, bending many of our conventional notions of the genre.



The past is as factual as exacerbated by the protagonist's imagination, and Sköld, alongside animation artists Daniel Svensson and Anna Wolanska, responded the call with great creativity and fluidity, transporting us to another time using an unusual process.



This way the film reveals to us how domestic violence and abuse is a family inheritance, shared and passed on to new generations in an endless cycle of brutality and anguish. Opening these doors, that so many rather stay well away from, and with such elegance and beauty, Sköld reveals herself as an uniquely courageous filmmaker. It is not the first time she takes major risks though. Back in 2009 she released her debut, “Nasty Old People”, using unconventional means. Instead of waiting for the normal responses she pulled up her sleeves, and distributed the film online in 113 countries , with the audience participating via translation of the subtitles, organizing screenings, and donating money to the film.


As such Hanna Sköld is not just a talented filmmaker, but also an artist very much on the front seat when it comes to stimulating new audiences and re-thinking the formats of the film industry.


Her most accomplished work so far, “Granny's Dancing on the Table” won the ARTE Power to the Pixel Pitch Prize in London 2010, MEDEA’s Co-Production Prize in Sweden and MEDIA’s European Talent Prize for Best Script in Cannes. Since its premiere at the San Sebastian Film Festival, there is no shortage of praise for her latest work, and now it finally reaches our shores. Truly a must see!



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