Non Competitive Sections

Alongside the many competitive sessions, FEST also includes a series of thematic screenings, expanding the scope of the event into other fields and spectrums. From regional retrospectives to new media formats, the demarcation lines that separate space, time and film are challenged to its core. In our 15th anniversary, nothing less could possibly be expected.

Special Screenings

Our opening and closing sections have often been the highlights of our programs. Films such as “Tangerine” by Sean Baker (USA), “Everybody Knows” by Asghar Farhadi (Iran), “10.000 KM” by Carlos Marques Mercet (Spain), “Birth” by Jonathan Glazer (UK), “Tom of Finland” by Dome Karukauski (Sweden/Finland), “Dementia 13” by Francis Ford Coppola (USA) or Wes Anderson debut feature, “Bottle Rocket” (USA), have caught everyone’s attention, starting and closing our previous editions in great style. 2019 will be no exception. And throughout the week of the event will showcase several other productions and formats, including screenings directly focused on children, teenagers and the elderly, completing our special screenings program in all the right ways.   


Flavours of the World

With such a privileged access to so many productions by new filmmakers from around the world, different sort of narratives begin to take shape quite naturally. It quickly becomes apparent when some countries or regions are particularly proficient in creating a good setting for the launch of new artists and the birth of new cultural movements. Sometimes it’s the sheer number of new directors appearing in a short period of time; others it is the nature and power of the themes and perspectives on display; and in some cases it is the plain weirdness and surprise at unlikely areas who out of the blue find themselves in the vanguard of the cinematic world. And from the need to let our audience discover these cinematography’s and global phenomenon’s the Flavours of the World section was born. The section consists on short film regional retrospectives. In the recent past several of the names that are now on the tip of many tongues in the international film industry were first brought to the attention of FEST audiences. Artists like Radu Jude (Romania), Renata Gąsiorowska (Poland), Jacqueline Lentzou (Greece), Behzad Azadi (Iran), Tudor Cristian Jurgiu (Romania), Andrea Harkin (Rep. Ireland) or Konstatina Kotzamani (Greece) are just a few examples. In the recent past we’ve covered countries like Norway, Puerto Rico, Canada, Sweden, Austria, Japan, Belgium, Lithuania or Iceland. The region that will be under the spotlight in 2019 will be announced soon.


 Be Kind Rewind

With so much focus on the future of cinema you’d be forgiven for thinking FEST has a one track mind. Well, you’d be wrong. Without understanding the past you’ll hardly get a proper sense of the future, and to make sure the past is not forgotten we created BE Kind Rewind, a section focused on retrospectives and/or thematic screenings, covering all sort of issues. In the recent past this section has been dedicated to subjects such as the Role of Women in Filmmaking, different political movements, the insanity of North Korean cinema, or simply deeper looks into the filmography of artists such as LM Kit Carson, among others. In 2019 this section is seasoned with a mix of emotion and pride as we are concentrating all the focus in our anniversary, bringing back some of the most outstanding works exhibited in the last 15 years.  


Lost in the Metaverse

Some are early adopters and usually are the first to dive into new unknown grounds. Others resist it until the bitter end. Sitting somewhere in the middle, for years we felt way too insecure to begin to think and rethink the world of Virtual Reality. Throughout the years it became obvious to us that there is much more to this medium then the apparent spectacle. New media discourses are constantly being born and the potential is often overwhelming. There is no better way to begin dissecting this brave new world then experiencing it for yourself. Thus, in 2018, we created Lost in the Metaverse, a series of screenings, exhibitions and installations that provide a desired peek into yet another transversal and ever-mutating format of the magical miracle that is the moving image.