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FEST New Directors | New Films Festival is focused on creating a space for up-and-coming filmmakers to show and promote their work, to develop their skills, offering new opportunities, and the chance to develop new audiences for independent cinema.


In 2018, FEST reaches its 14th edition, which will take place between the 18th and 25th of June


The festival is divided into several categories, competitive and non-competitive, with 2 main award categories: Short films by filmmakers up to the age of 30 (Silver Lynx competition); and Features from directors who are on their first or second production, regardless of their age (Golden Lynx competition). NEXXT is a competitive section dedicated to student films, co-programmed in partnerships with universities from around the world.


The festival also hosts several non-competitive sections, such Flavours of the World (focusing each year on specific countries), Be Kind Rewind (a retrospective section) and FESTinha (proposing screenings and activities for the younger viewers).

The festival also has non-competitive sections: Flavours of the World and Be Kind Rewind.

The educational section of the festival, Training Ground, is another unique aspect of the event. It consists of a series of workshops and masterclasses presented by some of the film industry’s biggest names in several technical, artistic  and theoretical fields.


Training Ground covers a vast amount of subjects related to filmmaking, making it one of the largest and most comprehensive film forums in existence, attracting more than 500 filmmakers from around the world per year.


The festival has an unquestionable thirst for new visions and perspectives on film, also providing a further step for these emerging filmmakers to continue their work. The festival offers not only the chance to have their film screened in the context of a high quality program, but also a training program to enhance the knowledge. New opportunities can be found here in the Pitching Forum, where 28 projects will be selected to be presented to a group of financiers, developers, and producers, with a development award for the best project, and many opportunities for the other projects presented. 


The Industry Meetings create a more structured context for a valuable exchange of knowledge and experience between film professionals and participants. One on one meetings with producers, financiers, project developers can be scheduled upon request from the participants looking for career advice or feedback on projects in development.