Networking Dinners

FEST - Networking Dinners will take place in the main room of the Piscina Solario Atlantico. This is a beautiful swimming pool complex, right next to the beach. The space is accessible only to FEST attendees, and it is the perfect occasion to gather with participants, invited filmmakers and guests of Training Ground and Pitching Forum. Participants of FEST are welcome to register and attend the FEST- Networking Dinners, where they can enjoy great Portuguese food and wine.

During our special dinners, participants can share a wonderful tasteful meal with all the guests, experts, sponsors, and organization staff of the event. It is an absolutely unique opportunity to network with some of the biggest filmmaking experts in the world.



The main room of the Piscina Solario Atlantico is a spacious room that includes a promenade, a balcony and a beautiful view over the Atlantic ocean.


What is included in the meal?

These dinners are a taste of the magnificent Portuguese food and include various food options as well as vegetarian dishes. The buffet offers starters, main dish, desserts and drinks (water and several wine options).


What is the added value of the dinners? 

Networking! FEST - Networking Dinners is the best place in the event to make contacts. While sharing a meal you will have the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions, and get a more personal connection to all the attendees of the festival.


Portuguese Wine 

One of the most attractive features of the FEST - Networking Dinners is the offer of great wines. Portugal is well known for its amazing wine production. The country is renowned not only for the great white and red wines, but for producing their exclusive green wine. A must taste!

The meal offer includes wine from several wine making regions in Portugal.


What is the price?

The weekly price is 99.99 EUR.


Which dinners are included?

The bundle includes 6 dinners, from the 25th to the 30th of June.


Purchasing Conditions

Payment is done via PayPal. The same way you did your original FEST registration.



Due to size limitations, availability is limited to 95 participants. We highly recommend you book your dinners in advance due to the high demand.



ATTENTION: You have to be accredited to FEST to register for FEST Networking Dinners. Any purchase for the dinners that are not made by FEST accreditation holders will not be valid.

Registrations will be open soon.